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AndreaPHP Programming - 2952 visits  Partner
AndreaPHP provides free PHP source code, scripts, tips and tricks, programming techniques, discussion board and downloads all for free

Visual basic - programming techniques and solutions - 2954 visits  Partner
Visual Basic Programmiertechniken und Lösungen

VBKiev - 2953 visits  Partner
Andrew M. Goncharov VB site: a lot of VB6 source code, articles and free books.

GameTutorials - 2950 visits  Partner
GameTutorials brings you the best programming tutorials from beginner (NO experience) to advanced topics AND keeps you in touch with all the latest game industry news.

Visual Basic Source Code Components - 2956 visits  
Visual Basic Source Code Components for Visual Basic Programmers. Current Source Code Components include a Calendar, Scheduler, Clock, Slider, Free Button Control and are all compatible with VB 3.0, VB 4.0, VB 5.0 and VB 6.0.

VBnet™ Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre - 2951 visits  
VBnet provides Intermediate and Advanced Win32 API code for VB developers. Comprehensive Code, FAQ, Developers Resources, News, alphabetical API/Type/Constant/Method Index, along with the largest Visual Basic-related links list on the net.

Developer Fusion - 2950 visits  
Developer Fusion: thousands of free tutorials, articles, source code, components and source code for Visual Basic, ASP, .NET, C... - 2950 visits  
Italian IT portal for developers: articles, news, script, open source projects, downloads, source code and free services!

Visual Basic Code Source - 3152 visits  
Lots of free Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 and Visual Basic.NET related resources. There is: source code, examples, modules, code snippets, controls, utiltys, and many other resourcees available for VB 5.0/6.0 and VB.NET 2002/2003/2005.

Merrion Computing Ltd - 2962 visits  
Articles, downloads and sourcecode - including a VB image map control, global hotkey control and EventVB - the OO wrapper for the Win32 API that has over 1600+ API calls and relevent constants, structures etc.

LinkmeUP2VB - 2967 visits  
LinkmeUP2VB is a site of interest to all Visual Basic Programmers upload or download code. No popup's or adverts LinkmeUP2VB where code is shared not stolen.

Visual Basic Users - 2956 visits  
The VB and VBA users resource center. Contains Excel Workbook rebuilder, NetSend 3, Excel Sub Classer and API/VB/VBA code. Plus online discussion groups, code postings etc (all free). - 2951 visits - Für alle, die Spaß am Programmieren mit Visual Basic haben

Vb-Action - 2950 visits  
Vb-Action - Um mehr aus Visual Basic zu holen! Tipps, Tutorials, DirectX...

Code Beach - 2950 visits  
Code Beach is your guide to free and open source code, tutorials, components, developer tools, and books for ASP, BREW, C++, C#, ColdFusion, Delphi/Kylix, HTML, J2ME, Java, JavaScript, Palm, Perl, PHP, Pocket PC, Python, Symbian, SQL, Visual Basic, and XM

Dutch's VB Library - 2950 visits  
Dutch's Visual Basic source code Library is loaded with excellent code and instruction on how to make yourself a better VB programmer.

Visual Basic point - 2952 visits  
Sito web dedicato alla programmazione in Visual Basic, con Download, Sorgenti, tips & tricks, Esempi, Shareware, freeware, software, ecc

VbGames - 2951 visits  
Visual Basic games with source code.

DM Easy HTTP - 2950 visits  
Freeware OpenSource Webserver for Windows, has many features Perl/CGI,SSI Ban IP address and much more all ways in develoment.

McMillan's Visual Basic Code - 2950 visits  
Class Modules, Code Snippets and more for Visual Basic 6

dotNET Online Desktop - 2951 visits  
dotNet Online Desktop - A site devoted to the .NET technology containing articles, tutorials, partially in Hungarian, and resources.

VBCool - 2951 visits  
VB Cool! Here you find Source Code, OCX, Progs and Tutorials for Visual Basic

Visual Basic Script - 2955 visits  
Directory focused on VBScript consisting of thousands of links to ASP.Net,Visual Basic,ASP,SQL,XML,VBScript,WAP,VB.Net,DHTML tutorials,codes,applications

Visual Basic Developer Site - 2950 visits  
Forum for Visual Basic 6 - .NET - Java - PHP - Flash - Dreamweaver. New Forum!!!

SoftComplete Development - 2950 visits  
Very strong software protection & license management tools that will supply your software products with powerful protection against cracks and piracy and allow you to increase the revenues from your development work.

Visual Basic Code Source (Portal) - 3053 visits  
Alot of various: Visual Basic Classic, and Visual Basic.NET - source code, examples, downloads and more, wrapped up in a portal designed website.

.Net (dotnet) Tips and Tutorials - 2951 visits  
C# (C Sharp), VB.Net and ASP.Net help, tips, and tutorials from the experts. Featuring message boards and a database of tutorials for .Net assistance.

MeTita - 2951 visits  
Software, Souce and Tools for developers,free

Visual Basic - Free Source Code - 2951 visits  
Visual Basic Free Source-Code Center

Matrix Fall 3D Screensaver project home page - 2996 visits  
Check out this unique Matrix Screensaver in 3D using the authentic fonts and original effects from the Matrix movie. Add and show custom texts in the Matrix Style. Enter the Matrix world in 3D ! It uses the Direct3D APIs and Visual Basic 6. Many effec

Free Visual Basic Code for Developers - 2950 visits  
Offers source for free code for developers and programmers of visual basic

Cynics Software | VB.Net Accounting Source Code - 2951 visits  
Cynics Software provides accounting software with source code written in and MS-SQL server 2005, utilizing .net framework 2.0, OOP, RAD method in coding.

The home of vbPDF and vbPDFParser - 3015 visits  
In this site you can find vbPDF and vbPDFParser. vbPDF is the only class for Basic language (Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET, VB 2005, ASP, PowerBasic) that allows you to create documents PDF from any application without using any OCXs or DLL or other externa

Happy Codings - Programming Code Examples - 2951 visits  
Programming Resources & Code Examples asp , ,assembly ,c ,c++ ,visual basic ,java ,php

VbDev - 3440 visits  
Dedicato agli operatori del settore tabacchi con l'aiuto del visual basic

VB.NET Italia - 2951 visits  
Info e programmi su VB.NET

Montana Programmer - 3109 visits  
Articles to help you learn PHP and WordPress, and how to work smarter.

iLibrary - 2954 visits  
Collezioni di sorgenti in vba e visual basic


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borderAndreaVB free resources for Visual Basic developersborder
borderAndreaVB Visual Basic and VB.NET source code resources - Copyright © 1999-2018 Andrea Tincaniborder