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MindWorkSoft - 2953 visits  
Text-to-speech, NetWork, Multimedia and Database Programming in Visual Basic 6.0

ComputerForums - 2952 visits  
ComputerForums is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To visit the forum, go to . To find out about vBulletin, go to .

TurboVB - 2953 visits  
TurboVB is an integrated Add-in suite for MS Visual Basic 6. It provides a total of thirty add-ins that taken together will provide great productivity gains and remove some of the repetitive elements to programming in VB, allowing you to focus on more imp

AR|Coders - 2952 visits  
Comunidad de programadores de habla hispana. - Tutorials, Code and More - 3074 visits  
Tutorials and code samples for PHP, VB, C, SQL, Flash, HTML and others. Proxies, Tools and Forums available as well. Come join our new community today!

W3CODE.COM - A Resource for Programming - 2952 visits  
A web based resource to improve quality and speed of software development

Tech Jobs & Computer Jobs @ Tech Centric - 2955 visits  
Job Search Computer Jobs, Tech Jobs, Programmer Jobs, IT jobs, High Tech Jobs and computer tech jobs Listings, Descriptions and Openings at, the leading tech job bank, computer job online and tech job search engine. Use the tech job searc

developer.* Magazine and Cooperative Digest - 2952 visits  
developer.* is the independent magazine for software developers, computer programmers, and other software professionals--featuring articles, essays, interviews, and free blog hosting. We cover all topics related to software development, software engineeri

Broughty Bits & Bytes - 2953 visits  
computer support Dundee, Computer support Fife Computer support Tayside, Computer support Perth, IT support in Dundee, Angus, Perth

asearchonline - 2985 visits  
Internet Marketing and Web Marketing firm that provides you with effective ways to promote your website on all major search engines.Maximize your business with SEO and PPC.

Blocks4.NET - 2952 visits is a marketplace for those who buy and sell 3rd party .NET components and utilities.

Teksavers - 2952 visits  
Teksavers specializes in new and used cisco hardware. Buy or sell used cisco at up to 90% off manufacturer list price. 100% money back

Logo Templates - 2952 visits  
logolabs offers professional pre made logo templates, for your business at affordable rates. We are to help you to raise profits and win competition.

Freeware invoice software - 2952 visits  
Offering billing management software helps in managing records of customer, vendor, items, stock

Windows Data Recovery - 2953 visits  
Windows Data Recovery software is windows recovery software to recover or restore windows partition from corrupt windows hard drive of windows os.

ASP.NET 3.5 Interview Questions - 2952 visits  
DOT NET Interview questions including ASP.NET,ADO.NET,Visual Source safe, DOT NET Framework,OOPS.

Data Recovery Download Software - 2952 visits  
Windows partition recovery software salvage all lost, damaged or corrupted files picture, photo from hard disk drive due to software failure, virus infection.

Excel,Excelanwendungen,Exceltipps,Excelbuch,Excel Buch,Excel Bücher, Excelbücher,VBA Excel,Visual Basic - 3325 visits  
Excel,Excelanwendungen,Exceltipps,Excelbuch,Excel Buch,Excel Bücher, Excelbücher,VBA Excel,Visual Basic

live chat - 2952 visits  
miOOt Live Chat provides real time text support right in your browser. If live chat icons says we're online, click that to begin a one-to-one chat with one of our sales/support executives and if it says as offline then leave your contact details.

Visitor Management Software - 3012 visits  
Touch point is the unique visitor management software that tracks and streamlines visitor traffic resulting in zero waiting time. This visitor management software also takes care of vehicles, calls, keys, materials, contracts, and employees and non-empl


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borderAndreaVB free resources for Visual Basic developersborder
borderAndreaVB Visual Basic and VB.NET source code resources - Copyright © 1999-2018 Andrea Tincaniborder